Area of research

The GEC Laboratory has a research and teaching mission in the field of earth sciences, in which its two areas of strength are tectonics - geodynamics and petrophysics - geomechanics, and in the field of the environment. Our defining feature is our multi-scale approach to the deformation and alteration, in the wider sense, of rocks, ranging from the terrain and large-scale analysis of geological structures, to the quantified study of rock microstructures and physical modelling, numerical simulation and physical measurement in the laboratory. We carry out “geoscience”, in the wider sense, research actions and targeted “environmental” actions. The field of application of our research concerns the assessment of the quality of reservoirs in complex tectonic contexts, the problem of storage (waste, CO2 and energy) in the natural environment and the deterioration of built heritage materials.

The GEC Laboratory (EA 4506) is one of four laboratories which make up the “Institute of Materials” (FD 4122, I-MAT Laboratory) Research Federation. The research carried out at the GEC Laboratory falls partly within the establishment’s “material” and “heritage” strategic priorities.

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